Budding Entrepreneurs Gain Support During GEW
Wray Bradner
27 Jan 2016

While millions of people around the world take part in Global Entrepreneurship Week activities each year, it’s the individual stories of budding entrepreneurs that illustrate the impact of GEW.

In Korea, one teenage girl attended an event and later sent a thank-you letter to the host organizers, the Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation. The young entrepreneur was motivated by mentors and the energy of the other participants. She said she felt there were a lot of people to support her dream and her future. This girl was one of more than 17,000 participants over 21 different activities. The KEF worked with more than 30 partners to bring GEW Korea to life in 2015.

Global Entrepreneurship Week participants celebrated entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors from Asia and Africa, to Europe and the Americas. In Kazakhstan, the Young Entrepreneurs Club MOST is the official host, with 18 partners and more than 2,7000 participants for seven different activities in 2015.

Activities included a partnership agreement with the DAMU Fund to launch a mentorship program to support young entrepreneurs in 17 regions of Kazakhstan, to help them start and scale their businesses.

Kazakhstan also launched a specialized program targeting creative entrepreneurs with Strelka Institute in Russia. Eight teams received seed money to launch and scale their businesses as a result of the Zhastar Innovations competition held during GEW Kazakhstan. The total fund of the grant equaled six million tenge. The First Credit Bureau, in partnership with YEC, presented the first global ranking of small and medium-sized businesses.  

In Dominica, the official host Dominica Youth Business Trust collaborated with the Dominica State College to provide small business training to teach vocational students. The Youth Business Trust worked with three partners during GEW 2015, to provide a variety of different activities to more than 300 participants.

Jessica Wray Bradner

Marketing Manager | Local Entrepreneur

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