Disco Soup | Tackling Food Waste

Activity Description

Are you tired of seeing food being wasted in our lovely city? Did you know that 1/3 of produced food is wasted each year in the MENA region? 

Join us on Sunday 18th of November from 10.00AM till 2.00PM at Badaro Farmer's Market at the very first Disco Soup organized by the makesense community. 

This event is free of charge, and during this day, we will EAT, COOK, and DANCE TOGETHER! This is how we will show the fun way to save food, while thinking seriously about the amount that goes to waste. 

>> makesense is a global and open community where citizens and social entrepreneurs connect and work together to solve the social and environmental challenges of their communities. For more information about makesense, contact Elsa Abi Khalil for partnerships at elsa@makesense.org, or Maya Wakim for events and volunteering at maya@makesense.org. Click here for our website.