Libya Embraces Entrepreneurship
22 Nov 2013

Global Entrepreneur Week, an international initiative celebrating different types of business ventures, began in Benghazi on Monday.

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GEW / Libya was to be held for the first time concurrently in Tripoli and Benghazi but has been postponed in the capital for a month in response to ongoing security concerns.

The international scheme held around the world is hosted in Libya by Siltech, a Qatari organisation working to expand economic opportunities for young people in the Arab world.

Over 100 people were in attendance at the launch of activities at Qasr Al-Manara in Benghazi. The event was officially sponsored by Benghazi Local Council and the Dutch Embassy.

The opening activities included a talk by Khalid El Mofti, the General Manager of Tatweer a research and development company. He discussed opportunities in small and medium enterprises and innovation-driven enterprises saying that government needed to provide flexible strategies to promote the ventures.

Attendees also heard from Tarek El Gheryani of Libya Enterprise and Reem El Soussi an activist promoting women’s participation is business.

Global Entrepreneur Week in Libya looks particularly to tackle unemployment and grow the private sector. Based on 2004 projections, Libya’s unemployment rate would be currently at 30 percent but this figure is likely much higher today given stagnation in the economy following the revolution.

Events began on 18 November and will continue until Sunday. Various figures from both public and the private sector will join to participate in workshops and open discussions to campaign for entrepreneurship and economic development.

[source: Libya Herald]

[photo credit: GEWinLibya]