CELEBRATE | November 19, 2019

Celebrating GEW 2019: WIEF YOUNG FELLOWS 2019, "Embracing the Future of Smart Tourism"

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15th Nov 2019, Penang Malaysia- GEN Malaysia hand-in-hand with World Islamic
Economic Forum Foundation (WIEF) organised an event of WIEF Young Fellows 2019 with the
theme of “Embracing the Future of Smart Tourism” . Event happening between 11 - 14 Nov
2019 in Penang as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia for its rich
heritage, vibrant multicultural society and a wide range of modern entertainment, world-famous
Penang cuisine and thriving health industry.
In the course of this four-days event, 26 international chosen participants of the Young
Fellows 201 9 programme gained a piece of in-depth knowledge on the tourism ecosystem and
discovered the smartest way to bring tourism economy to their countries by leveraging on the
Penang tourism model. Participants of Young Fellow 2019 also developed other skills in
leadership as well as entrepreneurship and acquire real-time business experience.
The programme includes discussions and involvements of participants in understanding
the tourism industry, factors that influence tourists satisfaction, creative business, creating a
winning social media strategy and many others. The event took place at Hotel Neo+ and a few
other attraction venues in Penang with the engagement of respective speakers such as Chairman
of The Association of Tourism Attractions Penang, CEO of Tripcarte Asia, Director of Klareco
Communications and others.
With the upcoming campaign of Visit Malaysia 2020, tourism is big business as a whole.
The implementation of the digital technologies further enhances the tourism industry by
improving tourists experience which in turns generates higher revenue to the country, Malaysia.
Envisioning a better tomorrow starts with enabling youth to become future leaders in
their respective countries. From this programme, we believe in the responsibility of equipping
entrepreneurial leaders with a moral compass to lead the next generation.