CELEBRATE | March 21, 2020

EWC 2020 Namibia Finalist

Pedro Da Fonseca
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As an electrical engineer, Pedro da Fonseca, supervising work at the copper mine in northern Namibia, was hit by a falling light one day in 2017. He always wondered why the lights used were so heavy. Growing up according to his aunt, he always took apart his toys and then wanted to put them back together again, but failed. This time round he had taken the broken flood light apart and found very interestingly that it’s the components that makes the light work which add on to the weight.

Saving on electricity consumption, is every human being’s priority in life. He started testing and found that he can replace the heavy components with much safer to use and lighter in weight roses for the flood lights at industrial sites or street lamps.

Namibia’s tech savvy entrepreneur, Pedro da Fonseca, pitched his NAMLUX street light bulb invention that will be revolutionary in saving on fossil fuels at the Creative Business Summit in Nairobi Kenya. He walked away as the Ambassador of the Creative Industry for Africa.

The NAMLUX street light bulb is especially beneficial to local authorities that supply safe streets with good lighting. The bulb saves between 60-70% of energy supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5, Clean Energy. Using less electricity and providing brighter lighting ensuring safe streets. The NAMLUX bulb is an invention that can be revolutionary for Africa and the rest of the globe.

Its lighting stretches up to 40 Square meters and with higher output and lower consumption. The savings local authorities will have, using the NAMLUX street bulb, could be used to impact their constituent’s lives in other ways.

With the support from GEN Namibia he was connected to an agency providing investment support or further connections to maximize investments. This assisted him in setting up his assembly plant and warehouse in Windhoek’s southern industrial area.

The myth of startups failing in the first years is nonexistent for Pedro’s Black Gold Engineering entity. Visiting his operation was indeed a proud moment. He was honored in the Namibian Business Hall of Fame in 2018 and running his entity at full steam with market share in neighbouring South Africa, Angola and Zambia.

He explored the domestic market soon and found that the comparison to light saving, durability and lifespan between his product and that of the current players, cannot be matched.

The road for Pedro was not an easy one but the GEN team and other ecosystem players were there collaborating to smooth the path to success.

He is looking forward to light Africa with his light saving and spreading invention and then reached out to the rest of the globe.

There were the times that he was offered to sell his IPR to multi-millionaires, but refused to be blown away by the offers of instant wealth and preferred to build his own from scratch. As someone who arrived in Namibia as a refugee child he believes that the bulb should have Namibia as its origin to say thank you.

Mrs. Johanna Cloete –Managing Director of GEN Namibia since 2015. She is part of a community of doers and makers supporting startups and scale ups… About the author