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15 Dec 2020

GEN Namibia is proud to have served as Namibia’s national host organization for GEW 2020, but we certainly didn't do it alone. As the national host, GEN teamed up with NGOs, educational institutions, and businesses to plan a week of activities for GEW. Here is a glance at some of the activities that took place during Namibia’s GEW 2020 celebrations. Due to the COVID 19 restrictions in each country it was advised from HQ to have online activities rather than going live. It was a bit strange but we could connect to many more people since it was mainly online. GEW Namibia had one hybrid and two live events as well.

The global entrepreneurship week celebrates entrepreneurs globally. Thousands of activities and partners make it possible for millions of participants to celebrate their achievements.

The themes for GEW 2020 #GEW2020

- Education

- Ecosystems

- Inclusion

- Policy


GEN Namibia and the rest of the GEW team kicked off GEW Namibia’s activities with an online launch on Thursday, 15 October 2020. We invited the Vice President of GEN Global to join us during the launch. Ms. Buke Cuhadar joined despite the time difference between the USA and Namibia. Thank you much appreciated. We will next time ensure the timing is more acceptable. We were joined by GEW Hull, Malawian -, Kenyan – The Gambia – South African- Georgian- and Zambian entrepreneurs. We enjoyed and appreciate you joining the GEW Namibia team.

Sunday, 15 November 2020

This was the day that our guests from Zambia arrived to join us during GEW. They were from WEAC and NGO in Zambia supporting agri-preneurs and is participating in the Africa Food 360 project supported by Southern Innovation Support Programme in Southern Africa (SAIS).

Monday, 16 November 2020

Pelgrina Ndumba a visually impaired entrepreneur and volunteer at the UNDP office in Windhoek, and Geraldine Itana kicked off with the first online event. The topic “Differently Abled Founders Raising Startup Capital” raised eyebrows. It is time to think of the less fortunate in our communities.

Our guests from Zambia visited the farming communities at Oshivelo in Northern Namibia. Thank you to Farm Shali and Oshivelo Green Market.

A minority indigenous group called the Top Naars descendants of the Nama people who live along the Kuiseb river delta near Walvis Bay the Namibian harbour town, had a Startup Huddle event organized by one of our most active members, Thekla Mutero.  She invited entrepreneurs from Walvis Bay to address the villagers who are baking cookies, gathering the !Nara seeds to sell and distribute, making leather shoes and clothing, how to grow their businesses and extend their market to the harbour town. She had the Constituency Councilor to deliver the main address.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

The excitement grew as we at GEN Namibia concluded an online conversation with entrepreneurs sharing their experiences from as many as 9 African countries.

The visitors spend their day in and out of the Etosha National Park where they enjoyed the free roaming wildlife of Namibia.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

The team arranged visits for the guests with Agri-preneur Erastus Kadhikwa on his poultry depot. Unfortunately, the visit to the chicken farm could not realize due to restrictions. The visit was followed by another to the Agency Marketing Agri-produce in Namibia (AMTA) on behalf of small farmers. The value chain in these activities was explained by the host at AMTA.

A traditional luncheon followed with the guests at the open market where they experienced traditional Namibian cuisine.

Thursday, 19 November 2020

The day we celebrate annually the Namibian entrepreneurs for their achievements and contributions to the Namibian economy. One Laureate was posthumously inducted and 7 emerging entrepreneurs. During the project activities in Zambia, we observed the achievers among the beneficiaries of the Africa Food 360 Project and four lady agri-preneurs who were part of the visitors to GEW Namibia were also recognized by the Namibian Business Hall of Fame. The after party took us all to Karibib at Tommy’s Lodge. Namibian Business Hall of Fame watch the hybrid event here.

Friday 20 November 2020

We travelled with our guests to Swakopmund, their final destination Namibia where they met with a minority indigenous group of ladies. They live in an informal settlement at the coastal town of Swakopmund and were taught how to grow vegetables as part of the Food Africa 360 Project by a Namibian project member. The Himba tribe lives very much in their natural state not wearing western clothing.

A discussion followed at Hafeni’s traditional Food restaurant on how to do cross border trading between Namibia and Zambia.

Enroute to Swakopmund we had to stop at Arandis in the Namib Desert to take two online calls. The one was with the Connected Hubs, a network of support organization’s in southern Africa, each one shared what they do with the rest on the call. Each one also had an entrepreneur who told their story of success within 2 minutes. It was almost like pitching your business to southern Africa.

This zoom call was followed by another with Queensland in Australia where Erika Bruwer from Queensland and Justina Opit from Zambia shared their insights to healthy living for entrepreneurs. Justina, the agri-preneurs from Zambia, mixes millet and other types of grains to have a nutritional impact on pregnant women and growing children. Erika promotes using natural oils and herbs as essential healing.

Friday evening was celebrated with home cooking by the Zambian agri-preneurs.

Saturday, 21 November 2020

The team went shopping with the guests and then followed the beach, the dunes and especially Dune 7, the highest dune in the world.

More online discussions on entrepreneurship followed with Startup Huddle in Ongwediva organized by Victoria Haihambo another very active member of GEN Namibia. She connected Namibian entrepreneurs with Zimbabwean-, Zambian- and South African entrepreneurs. This was followed by a Fire Side Chat for entrepreneurs where she presented her entrepreneurial story to the attendees. This was a live event.

The day was concluded with a Namibian barbeque for the visitors.

Sunday – homeward bound for GEN staff and our guests from Zambia. It was great to have you with us during GEW 2020, Patrick Shatamuka, Daut Mwanza, and our special guests:

  1. Febby Sambo – Kunowa Essentials
  2. Anne-Louise Simpamba – Yanza Amanza
  3. Akatoka L Mwanaumo– Element Cashew Nuts
  4. Justina Opit – Omega Foods  


#GEW2020. It’s a Wrap

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