Start-up Account Series: Swabhiman Acharya
19 Nov 2019

Swabhiman Acharya

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Leaf Plus

In the world full of problems, entrepreneurship holds the key to solving every problem. One such entrepreneur creating a sustainable solution to the global problem of plastic pollution is Swabhiman Acharya. Leaf Plus, an enterprise co-founded by Acharya, produces 100% natural areca leaf products, such as disposable plates, bowls, and spoons. The company not only offers an alternative to single-use plastic but also engages women, marginalized groups and farmers in the production chain.

Despite the immense potential of Leaf Plus, it had quite a difficult start due to the lack of product certification laws in Nepal. Acharya says, “Areca products previously did not exist in the market, so the government could not certify our products as safe to eat on. As per them, they did not have Nepal Standard to certify our products.” In spite of the initial delay in launching the products in the market,  the company has already replaced more than 60,000 plastic plates. Encouraged by the enthusiastic response from the market, Acharya and his co-founders have decided to scale-up their production.

Deependra Chamlagain

Acting Managing Director of GEN Nepal | GEN - Nepal

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