UNDERSTAND | November 24, 2019

Start-up Account Series: Dr. Suman Neupane

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Dr. Suman Neupane

Co-founder & Managing Director, Doctors on Call Nepal

Many Nepali citizens often have to spend their precious time waiting in a queue in hospitals, getting tests done, putting together medical reports and so on. These hassles that patients have to face make going to the hospital a daunting task. Doctors on Call Nepal has offered respite to patients, with its swift and convenient health care at home. While home health care still remains a relatively novel concept in the country, Doctors on Call (DoC) Nepal is leading the sector with a wide range of medical services targeted toward elderly and housebound patients. DoC Nepal offers doctor visits, nursing care, physiotherapy, laboratory services, and other medical services, including medicine delivery at home. 

Reflecting on DoC Nepal’s history, Dr. Suman Neupane, the managing director, says, “This journey has not been very easy, nonetheless full of learning and a sense of fulfillment. It is quite challenging to work in a home environment due to the lack of necessary facilities and equipment.” Moreover, as Nepal does not have any policy dedicated to home health care yet, Neupane adds, “It is hard for us to provide services without a legal framework.”

As the increasing number of young people migrate overseas or have a very busy life here, the demand for home health care is also on the rise in Nepal. Thus, services like DoC Nepal is the need of the hour, and entrepreneurs like Neupane have continued to educate the concerned government authorities about the current need for home health care. Neupane, however, does not believe that the concerned authorities are giving appropriate response and attention to this issue. He hopes to form an association of home health care providers so that they can amplify their voices and help them create policy dialogue on home health care in Nepal.

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