GEN New Zealand Crowdsources Vision for National Entrepreneurship Community
Photo Credit: GEN New Zealand
Ecosystem members highlight priorities that will guide GEN New Zealand programs and initiatives.
29 Apr 2021

Wellington, New Zealand With a considerable amount of progress and momentum in the last year despite the challenges of a global pandemic, GEN New Zealand is looking ahead to a transformative era for its entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Led by Marwan Jamal, managing director, and Dave Moskovitz, board chair, GEN New Zealand is one of 80 national affiliates guiding the development of healthy, national entrepreneurship ecosystems globally connected to leading-edge research, innovative programs and experts with the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

With support from 120 ecosystem players across the country, GEN New Zealand crowdsourced a vision that aims to ensure “every entrepreneur has the tools and resources they need to thrive locally and globally.” This vision will guide the roll-out of its programs and initiatives, including Global Entrepreneurship Week this November. 

The vision underscores the importance of partnerships between the entrepreneurship community and New Zealand’s Indigenous population, connecting entrepreneurs to investment opportunities and the global economy, education, environmental sustainability and the role of government as a supporting partner. 

“New Zealand has a genuine ecosystem of supporters and leaders working towards entrepreneurial prosperity,” said Jamal. “Advancements are driven by a responsible and passionate community with entrepreneurs and youth as the core focus.”

In addition to organizing the country’s annual Global Entrepreneurship Week campaign, GEN New Zealand is leading the national Entrepreneurship World Cup competition, co-hosting the Future Agro Challenge and plans to open Startup Huddle chapters in every city by the end of 2021. The organization is also advocating for entrepreneurs in the pandemic economy. It published an Entrepreneurship Manifesto in 2020 calling on government to develop policies to support the creation of more high-quality ventures.

Geographic isolation has forced New Zealanders to be creative and develop unique ways of doing things while truly valuing our global connections,” said Moskovitz. “Working with GEN brings us closer to the rest of the world and the rest of the world closer to us. It also helps us to connect local entrepreneurs, investors, support organizations, academia and government so we can collaborate to achieve our common vision of a better society and planet.”

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Kathryn Forrest

Manager for Communications | Global Entrepreneurship Network

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