Immigration and Entrepreneurship in NZ

Activity Description

The free flow of ideas and people between countries is critical to launching new companies from Aotearoa, New Zealand. In this Global Entrepreneurship Week Zoom meetup, we'll explore ways of increasing the quality and quantity of entrepreneurs and talent coming onto our shores, better integrating them once they arrive, better enabling refugees and migrants to unleash their entrepreneurial talent, and more.

- Yoseph Ayele (Edmund Hillary Fellowship)
- Ali Mazraeh (Arabic Digital Reform Institute)
- Adam Mcconnochie (Asia New Zealand Foundation)
- Rob Vickery (Hillfarance VC)
- Dr. Zainab Radhi (Smart Start Business)

Moderator: Dave Moskovitz (GEN)

Discussion on this topic will feed into future iterations of the GEN NZ Entrepreneurship Manifest (