GEC Bahréin 2019

Una delegación de 7 paraguayos emprendedores nos representa en el Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC)

El grupo de GEN Paraguay, liderado por Roberto Urbieta, un exitoso emprendedor con fuerte trayectoria en el liderazgo de organizaciones civiles y promoción de jóvenes emprendedores, participa de la decima primera edición del Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC), a realizarse del 15 al 18 de abril 2019, en Manama, Bahréin.

Global Entrepreneurship Congress

This year Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) is happening in Bahrain, from the 15th of April to the 18th. GEC aims to create a global entrepreneurship ecosystem! 

Bahrain will receive people from all around the world, from entrepreneurs, GEN delegates, investors, researchers, founders of big companies and more. 

Its's a great opportunity to share ideas, methodologies, and more with peers from the entire world.

Be aware of our social networks to see what's happening in Bahrain!


On Thursday, March 8th The St Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture held a Speed Consulting Forum and Pitch Training session in preparation for the preliminary round of The Get In The Ring competition. This year saw an increase in the number of startups visiting the Get In The Ring event page with 14 completing the application process.

Global Quality and Excellence Award

Much to my surprise, I received an e-mail in which I was awarded a Global Quality and Commitment Award by the Business Iniative Directions, (BID). The first thought that came to my mind was – it must be directed to the wrong address. Following up a week later, we found that it was correct. The Namibia Entrepreneurial Leadership community college was sponsored by UNESCO to implement a capacity building project for teenage moms. Obtaining technical skills would empower the moms to take care of themselves and that of their new found families or make them more employable.