GEN Ghana British Council Partner to Support Women Entrepreneurs

The National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) has lined up a number of interventions to support women entrepreneurs.

Ms Kosi Yankey, the Executive Director of NBSSI, said those interventions covered access to finance, access to technical support, access to business development services or capacity development support, or any need they might have for their businesses.

In all businesses of which about 60 per cent are women would be supported.

Launching mobile based Market Information System for the local farmers. M-Dalag – Hargeisa

On 13rd November 2018, during the  GEW, Shaqodoon, SPARK, SAMS ( an agricultural tech startup) and Telesom ( leading telecommunication company in Somaliland)  jointly launched M-Dalag, the first mobile based market information system for easily connecting farmers to market while still at their farms. The launch was to provide a platform that gives farmers a customized and localized crop advisory, market prices, remote crop selling facility, while also connecting farmers directly with buyers to ensure they get the best prices for their products.

UK and Palestine forge new connections between startup ecosystems

To mark the end of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018, Global Entrepreneurship Network representatives from the United Kingdom and Palestine put pen to on a new partnership designed to facilitate collaboration between startup ecosystems in the two countries.

Ecosystem Connect is a new initiative from GEN,  which inspires communities to collaborate and share access to networks and markets to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurship communities and hubs around the world.

Launching the first innovation hub in Somaliland “Harhub”

Shaqodoon has launched the first innovation and entreprenuership hub HArgeisa Innovation Hub ""  In HArgeisa Somaliland,  the hub  will provide tangible solutions to the pressing youth unemployment and challenges faced by the country in general. Harhub (Hargeisa Hub) is first entrepreneurship and innovation hub in Somaliland. It was officially opened by the vice-president of the Republic of Somaliland, his excellence Mr Abdirahman Abdilahi Saylici.

2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit Tackles Global Challenges with Tech Solutions

CTA, Dutch and American multinationals support Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 in the Hague 4-5 June

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (January 9) – At CES, the largest global consumer tech and electronic show, Dutch and U.S. companies discussed the value of the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) as an outcome-driven event for high-impact entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses and enter the international marketplace.

Startup Bootcamp Pankisi

‘ სტარტაპ  ბუთქემფ - პანკისის ‘  მიზანია პანკისის რეგიონში 18-დან 35 წლამდე გოგონებისა და ქალებისთვის  მეწარმეობის ძირითადი პრინციპებისა და  სამეწარმეო უნარების  განვითარება

სტარტაპ  ბუთქემფი  პანკისში ხორციელდება  GEN Georgia -ს  ‘რეგიონალური მეწარმეობის აკადემიის’ მიერ , საქართველოში აშშ-ს საელჩოს დაფინანსებით.

Savolainen pärjää missä vain!

On Tuesday 13th of November a relaxed business event took place in Mikkeli's Mikaeli. Savolainen pärjää missä vain! -event was about growth of enterprises and internationalization. The event was for entrepreneurs and enterprises. The name "Savolainen pärjää missä vain!" means that a person from Savo (area of Eastern Finland) survives anywhere. People from Savo are famous of their perseverance.

International Entrepreneurship Fair in Xamks campus in Mikkeli

Xamk's international students organized International Entrepreurship Fair in Xamk Mikkeli's campus on Monday 12th of November. The students worked together to develop the values of their home countries and to explain why these countries might be worth investing business. There were different cultural stands and conversations from students representing their home countries in the fair. The  countries in the International Entrepreneurship Fair were: Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Kosovo and South Korea.

გლობალური მეწარმეობის კვირეული - გახსნის ღონისძიება

‘’გლობალური მეწარმეობის კვირეული’’ არის ყველაზე მასშტაბური საერთაშორისო სამეწარმეო პროექტი, რომლის მიზანია სამეწარმეო ეკოსისტემის ფორმირება, ეკოსისტემის ლიდერების დაკავშირება , მეწარმეობის პოპულარიზაცია და დამწყები მეწარმეების მოტივაცია და მხარდაჭერა. ყოველი წლის ნოემბერში პროექტის ფარგლებში 170-ზე მეტ ქვეყანაში ერთდროულად იმართება 30 000 -ზე მეტი ღონისძიება,10 000 ზე მეტი პარტნიორის მიერ, რომელშიც ჩართულია 20 მილიონზე მეტი ადამიანი.

გლობალური მეწარმეობის კვირეული 2018-ის თარიღებია 12-18 ნოემბერი. ( თანდართული ფაილებით იხილეთ კვირეულის დღის წესრიგი)