Llega a Colombia la Semana Global del Emprendimiento 2019

Del 18 al 24 de noviembre de 2019 se llevará a cabo la Semana Global del Emprendimiento (SGE), iniciativa a la que se unen 170 países —entre ellos Colombia— para desarrollar simultáneamente miles de eventos que inspiran a los asistentes a fortalecer la cultura emprendedora, y conectarse con posibles aliados, mentores e inversores. La SGE nace como una iniciativa de Kauffman Foundation y Unleash Ideas, que se replica todos los años en cada uno de los países participantes.

Accelerating Efforts to Solve Unemployment Challenges

In May this year, I penned a piece on South Africa’s unemployment crisis. If my memory serves me, at that time Statistics South Africa had just released the quarterly unemployment rate – a staggering 27.6%, which shocked us all to the core. Barely two months later, and the number has now ballooned to 29% (although many experts argue that it’s well over 30%).

In my May article, I listed four key points on what we can do to curb this red-alert challenge. I won’t regurgitate all my previous content, just paraphrase the four points, these are:

GEN Cambodia joined Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2019 in Manama, Bahrain

From April 15th-18th, 2019, GEN Cambodia's team traveled to Manama, Bahrain to join the GEC 2019. Other delegates included H.E.Dr. Kan Channmeta, Secretariat of State of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, H.E. Ieng Sunly, Under Secretariat of State of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Officers in charge, and young entrepreneurs from Cambodia.

Entrepreneurship World Cup Georgia -ს გამარჯვებული ცნობილია

Entrepreneurship World Cup  საერთაშორისო სტარტაპ კონკურსია, რომელშიც 100 ქვეყნიდან 60 000 -ზე მეტი ანტრეპრენერი იღებს მონაწილეობას.

GEN Namibia member, Renthia Kaimbi at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the Hague, Netherlands

Proudly Namibian ambassador to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Mrs Renthia Kaimbi learnign about how to feed the world through technology and making connections to support her enterprise Aquagreens, a place where she grows vegetables with fish and water in the Namib Desert. More later.