Activity Description

Over the years, the number of women engaged in entrepreneurship has doubled despite high level of gender inequality and enormous barriers they face, it may interest you to know that 70% of the active entrepreneurs on ANWE’s data base registered as both formal and informal businesses are engaged in one form of food business or the other, this informed are decision to focus our effort to support, encourage and motivate these entrepreneurs by joining other entrepreneurs around the world to mark the 2020 Global entrepreneurship week by engaging food entrepreneurs in a one day event tagged ‘ANWE FOODPRENEURS COOK-OFF AND NETWORKING EVENT” . OBJECTIVES The overall objective of the program is to enable women entrepreneurs and companies in the food production, processing and preparation come together to network, learn basic tips and skills, pitch their products and services as well as showcase their talents in a cook-out session. Specific objectives are: • To bring together women entrepreneurs and companies that are into food production, processing and preparation in order to create awareness, network and educate them on tips and opportunities to improve their confidence and incomes. • To inspire and motivate women entrepreneurs and create a relaxing atmosphere for them. • To promote their products and support them with necessary information, registrations and certifications to enable them upgrade their products and services. • To provide opportunity to network with other successful women and share success stories. • To provide them with the opportunity to compete and win prices and support packages to take their products to the next level. • To provide an avenue where they can meet producers of food products and form meaningful business contacts.