Overview on Indonesian Startup Ecosystem, Opportunities and Challenges ahead

Activity Description

The Israel-Indonesia Futures program is a 12-week online leadership program connecting established and future leaders from Israel and Indonesia to develop solutions together to challenges in health, food security, education & skills development. The program - led by the Israel-Asia Center, in partnership with Start-Up Nation Central - takes participants on an eye-opening and transformative journey, discovering the untapped economic potential between Israel and Indonesia. For Indonesian participants, the program sheds light on Israel’s emergence as a global tech hub, and the innovative thinking and unique approach to addressing challenges that has led this small country to thrive and become a tech powerhouse, impacting every industry sector. For Israeli participants, this is a unique opportunity to discover Southeast Asia’s largest economy, to explore the challenges and successes of this Southeast Asian giant, gaining a deeper understanding of the country’s culture and complexities, and a better grasp of the trends that will lead it to become the world’s 5th largest economy by 2030. Together, program participants work together to develop sustainable solutions to critical challenges - while forging peer-level and high-level partnerships in the process