About GEN Bahrain

GEN Bahrain aims to increase the number of people choosing entrepreneurship as a career path, create a generation of investable startups and develop strong platforms for companies to scale. It is being supported by a partnership with Tamkeen, which promotes private-sector development and is one of the cornerstones of Bahrain’s national reform initiatives outlined in its Economic Vision 2030

GEN Bahrain works to develop and execute initiatives in collaboration with local and global partners for the enhancement of the local entrepreneurship ecosystem and the prosperity of Bahraini entrepreneurs. GEN Bahrain strengthens its ecosystem ecosystem by:

  1. Coordinating and promoting local initiatives aimed at strengthening Bahrain’s entrepreneurship ecosystem
  2. Partnering with local stakeholders to implement high-impact GEN programs
  3. Engaging ecosystem stakeholders  to identify gaps,  facilitate dialogue and strengthen a sustainable development cycle for entrepreneurs, and
  4. Raising awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation and self-employment as a means to create value and make the Bahraini private sector an engine of growth.



  • Esam Hammad – GEN Bahrain Managing Director 
  • Safa AbdulKhaleq – Tamkeen
  • Pakiza Abdulrahman – Bahrain Economic Development Board 
  • Bader Kamal – Startup Magazine 
  • Nawaf Alkooheji – Tenmou
  • Safa Sharif – EO/ WhyStockIt
  • Zaman Zaman – Skiplino/ Level Z
  • Hala Sulaiman – AlRawi 
  • Leena AlOlaimy – 3BL Associates