RBS Virtual Company Visit by GEN Indonesia and Ciputra University

Activity Description

Ciputra University in Surabaya is an entrepreneurship-based university where entrepreneurship becomes part of the soul of their curriculum. In the past, GEN Indonesia worked together with Ciputra University in organizing international company visit in various neighboring countries. Due to the pandemic, the program is now conducted virtually allowing more students to participate due to its lower costs and easier access. This year, GEN Indonesia has prepared 2 companies; 1 in Thailand and another 1 in the Philippines for the students to visit virtually and followed by a direct conversation with the company owner and member of the management. The RBS Program aims to help students to learn directly from various companies about the real business challenges they are facing and offer real solutions to the companies based on their knowledge and experience. This program is designed for graduate students particularly those with family business background considering the preliminary business exposure most of the students already have.