STARTUP HUDDLE JAKARTA - Lakone Smart Coffe Roaster

Activity Description

Startup Huddle is an event where startups can present their ideas, and are evaluated by panelists and audiences. Today we can learn from startups who make presentations, evaluate panelists, or even build new networks and opportunities.

This time, it will feature the Lakone Smart Coffee Roaster, which focuses on the FnB industry which provides technological innovation. Their first product was a coffee roaster, which was digital and automatic and originally from Indonesia.

Our Panelist :

- Ivan Sandjaja (Managing Director GEN Indonesia)
- Alvindo Oktobriando (Indogen Capital)
- Sunil Tolani (Mindset Merdeka)
- Edy Wihardja (Startup Coach, Founder Impactner)

Lets join Startup Huddle Jakarta.