Webinar on Indonesia Startup Ecosystem post Covid-19 Pandemic; Opportunities and Challenges

Activity Description

In 2020, Startup Genome has named the city of Jakarta as the 2nd most vibrant city ecosystem worldwide after Mumbai, India. Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic, the startup ecosystem in Indonesia keeps growing and investments on startup companies keep coming in. Startup Genome as one of the most prominent city ecosystem research companies has investigated entrepreneurial activities in various different cities worldwide. To understand why Jakarta has been nominated as one of the most vibrant ecosystem in the world, GEN Indonesia is collaborating with the Orbit Startup Academy, the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology, the Indonesian School of Public Policy and Startup Genome to organize a webinar on the Indonesian Startup Ecosystem, its opportunities and challenges post Covid 19 Pandemic. The event has been officiated by Prof. Dr. Bambang Brodjonegoro, Minister of Research and Technology of Indonesia, Dr. Ir. Rudy Salahuddin, the Deputy on Coordination of Digital Economy, Manpower and SME's of the Coordinating Ministry of Economy of Indonesia and featured prominent panelists such as Marc Penzel, founder and CEO of Startup Genome, Eddy Danusaputro of the Indonesian Association of Venture Capitalists, Faye Wongso of the Association of Coworking Spaces in Indonesia among others. There are more than 500 participants joining in this webinar.