Instagram Lives - Youth Entrepreneurship

Instagram Lives - Youth Entrepreneurship
Activity Description

During the “Young March – Março Jovem” initiative, we talked about entrepreneurship, youth, volunteering, and many other topics. We invited a few entrepreneurs and young people from Portimão to have a conversation with us through Instagram Lives.

During the month of March, StartUp Portimão joined the Youth March, an initiative of Portimão City Hall. Some of our initiatives included several Instagram Lives with young people and entrepreneurs: André Duarte, Melissa Rito, Jake Miguel, Raquel Melo, and Pedro Esteves.

The conversations covered several topics, mainly focused on entrepreneurship, but also on time management, productivity, volunteering, marketing and it was also possible to hear testimonies and motivations from each one of our invitees.

The need to be resilient in times of a pandemic, and to be creative in our actions is a transversal attitude present in these young entrepreneurs.

You can watch the videos at StartUp Portimão Instagram Profile: