Networking Breakfast - Sustainability and Business Values

Networking Breakfast - Sustainability and Business Values
Activity Description

Do you want to add value to your business by defining or redefining your corporate mission and values?


With Camile Maia, CEO of Eco Soul Ericeira Guesthouse.


In this meeting we talked about how Eco Soul Ericeira Guesthouse, a small Local Accommodation in Ericeira, achieved the international distinction Greenkey. This distinction was possible by defining a mission and following the path of sustainability established in the business values.


The Networking Breakfast entitled "Sustainability and Business Values" took place on December 3rd with Camile Maia, CEO of Eco Soul Ericeira Guesthouse.

To introduce the concept of sustainability, Camile alluded to the evolution of this concept, according to several authors, namely the current concept of sustainability originated in the United Nations Conference, which took place in June 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is important to have, in an organization, a sustainable leadership that adds value to the business.

For a business to be sustainable, there must be an alignment between the economic, environmental and social levels. The organization's values are a kind of oracle because they should be a guide for the organization and should also be aligned with the

Sustainable Development Goals.

Camile mentioned that Eco Soul Ericeira Guesthouse was born from a dream of the founders with the intention of a more sustainable life in line with their values. They preferred to have an accommodation with fewer rooms and generate a sustainable project, than an accommodation with more rooms that would generate an income.