Virtual Seminar: Creating Resilient Community Center Post the Pandemic: Future Tech-Based Innovative Commercial District

Activity Description

With current societal challenges, more and more leading real estate developers are putting efforts to ensure their projects develop the capacity to face climate, social, and economic changes. At the same time, the projects need to continue to serve as community educational and socio-economic development centers throughout the year. Such duality of being prepared for an emergency, but also being relevant and active throughout the year, is of great importance to ensure the people who are residing in those housing projects such as townships can as a community increase its organizational capacity to make positive changes. Many real estate developers are now building a project with man-made lakes and open green spaces with a myriad of multi-functional spaces for public activities as a step towards the future for a quality urban dynamic where people can come together to work, live and relax. It is a City within the city designed as a living place for dynamic and evolving individuals. Combining residential with commercial spaces for businesses, shops, leisure activities and quality public infrastructure, has become the trend for future signature housing development around the world. Many incorporate a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) concept with proximity to public transportation such as commuter train, toll road or even airport. Office design has also adapted to current trends to be both functional and environmentally conscious.