Virtual Investor Forum 2021 by GEN Indonesia and Impactner Startup Academy

Activity Description

GEN Indonesia is collaborating with Impactner Startup Academy in providing a discussion forum for those who wish to understand how to invest in startups. Similarly when one wishes to deposit their savings in a bank, one will look for bonafide banks which offer the highest but safest interests or when one wishes to buy stocks, one needs to understand the fundamentals of the companies one is buying. What about investing in startups? Not many startups possess solid assets particularly tech-based companies. Some are not even generating profit at all, yet. Nevertheless, investing in startups may yield in high return once their innovations are welcomed by the market. Investing in startups is not merely investing in the company or their innovations but also investing in the people, the founder and the entire team of the company. Investor must possess sufficient capability not only to predict how the business going to be in the future but also understand the character of the people working in the company as they need to establish good chemistry with them.