Leading African Entrepreneurship

Activity Description

Come hear from our expert panel that includes prominent leaders of African Entrepreneurial Institutes whose work and projects are developing skills of future African entrepreneurs. Their bold efforts and stories will be shared as they communicate their shared passion and drive to lift sustainable economic growth in their own nation and across the African continent. Come learn about the unique entrepreneurial landscape that African leaders face as they negotiate emerging markets and rapid technological expansion. 

Our distinguished panelist will include: 

Director Mohamed Muse Hassan

Simad University

Institute of Innovation, Tech, & Entrepreneurship (IITE Institute)

Mogadishu, Somalia

Chairperson Rashid Mwinyi

Pamoja Youth Initiative

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Professor Martin Tchamba

University of Dshang

Support Center for Technology, Innovation and Incubation (CATI 2 –UDs)

Dschang, Cameroon


This panel discussion will be moderated by Dr. Jeffrey Mrizek; President, Global Urban Nomads