Entrepreneurially Speaking–What it Takes to Build a Successful Brand

Activity Description

Barton LLP Managing Partner Roger Barton will host a fireside-like-chat with nationally acclaimed brand building expert Dave McTague. As CEO, Dave led Nike brand Cole Haan’s $600M sale to Apax. Over the course of Dave’s nearly 30 years of business, he has led and operated a myriad of successful brands from raw start up, digitally native to complex global wholesale and retail to rebuilding businesses to well over $800M in individual business revenue. Learn how Dave drove and activated some of the most successful brands and cutting-edge business initiatives, including the products and brand creation for Ellen DeGeneres across 30 categories from digitally native to multi-tiered global retail distribution. Dave will talk about his latest venture, Search and State, a New York City-produced performance and lifestyle apparel, co-founded with his son, Riley McTague, who will also join the program. Welcome to searchandstate.com and what’s behind the making of a hand-made-in-New York product, brand, and global enterprise.

Register here: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_aPXlQaBjQFe7f9rJApTG4g