IMPACT Beyond Borders: How to Accelerate Your IMPACT by Launching Your Business in Canada

Activity Description

Are you highly motivated by making a positive impact in the world through your business? Do you wonder what makes a thriving business ecosystem and how to set your venture up to make the biggest possible impact?

In 2019, Canada was recognized by the Thomson Reuters Foundation as the best country for social entrepreneurs among the world’s 45 largest economies. 

This brings us to our final question: Have you ever looked into and considered the Start-up Visa immigration pathway as an option to move your business to Canada and amplify its impact?


Join us for this live discussion featuring Felix Böck, Keith Ippel and Josephine Kwan—three purpose-driven entrepreneurs based out of Vancouver, Canada.

The trio will address the barriers of entry to growth for impact and what, based on real experiences, makes a healthy and nurturing environment for impact ventures.

Felix Böck, Founder and CEO of ChopValue, has built a viable, carbon-negative manufacturing business out of discarded chopsticks (yes, chopsticks!) in Vancouver and is now scaling globally. Felix will walk you through his journey from Europe to Canada and the prime conditions for scaling an impact business in the post-pandemic world.

Keith Ippel, Co-Founder and CEO of Spring Activator, will speak towards the Canadian impact business ecosystem and insights learned from launching and scaling his own purpose-driven accelerator organization, with a mission to change the world through innovation.

Last but certainly not least, Josephine Kwan, Program Manager of Spring's IMPACT Startup Visa (ISV) Accelerator, will facilitate this event and speak about the ISV Program as a Canadian Government-certified designated organization. 

Spring's ISV Program helps immigrant entrepreneurs who own businesses that create a positive social or environmental impact, move to Canada, apply for permanent residency status and scale globally through the Canadian Startup Visa Program.


Interested in learning more? Attend this webinar event! 

Spring Activator is the only IMPACT-focused designated organization for Canada Start-Up Visa applicants and one of the only ones accepting businesses from ALL industries.