Career Recharge: Greenpreneurship – Growing Opportunities for Success

Activity Description

As more businesses “go green”, greater emphasis is being placed on developing sustainable products. This shift is helping to create opportunities for entrepreneurs to bring new innovative solutions to marketre-inventing entire business models in the process. Whether starting a new business or re-vamping an existing one to be more environmentally friendly, the new “green economy” will be the growth driver of the future.

Led by Karen Dubeau, Executive Director of the Kingbridge Innovation Hub, this free workshop by Career Recharge will explore the concept of “greenpreneurship”. Topics such as what the green economy is, how the principles of greenpreneurship can be applied to help start and grow companies, what the competitive landscape looks like and available funding opportunities will be covered. Examples of companies leading the development of the new economy and their strategies will be highlighted, with best practices that participants can apply in their own initiatives.

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