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Innovators: share your story! We're spotlighting 1,000 startups globally on Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, & YouTube Shorts. 

Feature your story as a founder, builder, or creator. 

At BLUMEx, we're trying to make Innovation more discoverable. This is important because too many times we hear about great companies based of the capital they have raised and not about the problems they are trying to solve. We're heading into an age of infinite problems and we need to start celebrating the problem solvers behind the scenes. 

This is why we built QuickTakes. It's a way to catalyze Ventures with media. QuickTakes are short form features that makes your venture easy to discover. Share your stories along with other founders, builders, & creators. 

If you're working on an interesting problem that needs to be discovered; register and share with us your story.