ASEAN Youth Conference 2018

Activity Description


In conjunction with the Singapore’s ASEAN Chairmanship Theme of “Resilience and Innovation”. AYC 2018’s main focus will be on how economic innovation can be instilled and implemented by young people to fully realise the goal of a mutually beneficial ASEAN Economic Community.

Run by Youths, for Youths, the Conference will serve as a platform to promote the core qualities of ASEAN while also facilitating an open youth led discussion regarding various regional economic issues. One such discussion will be on how Youth can create a positive impact especially in the current growth of technological sectors for the realisation of the ASEAN Economic Community.

The title of the ASEAN Youth Conference 2018 is Unlocking YOUth potential”. Innovation and creativity are key traits in young people. Thus, the theme aims to facilitate the discussion about “how the Youth of ASEAN positively influence society, upholding the core qualities of ASEAN, can create growth for their region”.

The Conference will bring together youth delegates from all across ASEAN + 6 to meet, exchange views, share experiences, ideas on issues and implemented by governments or through ground up initiatives. Youth will also have the opportunity to develop realistic action plans to encourage resilience in youth communities and foster innovation.

Today’s youth are arising to shape the future of their countries and the world. They want to be heard, to be involved in decision-making process and more importantly, to make changes.


Attendees of the Conference will finalise a youth action agenda to mobilise international NGOs, academics, policy makers, educators, businesses of member states, reflecting the aspirations and ambitions of all ASEAN citizens. The agenda will be drafted through a multi-stakeholder consultation process throughout the course of the Conference. A joint outcome document between the states and the youth will be produced, called the Singapore A.Y.O 2018 Resolution.