Entrepreneurs Ikigai Bootcamp

Activity Description

Achieve Ikigai through Entrepreneurship

Are you a Graduating Student? Unemployed? Budding Entrepreneur that is seeking a Mentor? This is why you should be part of our programme:

  • Find Your Ikigai (The Sweet Spot of what you are Good atLove Doing, the World Needs and what you get Paid for.)
  • Benchmark yourself to Top 100 Entrepreneurs Worldwide with FingerprintForSuccess
  • Develop a Curious, Problem Solving and Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Find yourself an Entrepreneur Mentor and Co-Founder(s).

Over the 4-days, you will get to find opportunities and brainstorm for potential business ideas for you to start. Find people of similar interest to join you on your journey and experiment with your startup idea together.

You will also make use of FingerprintForSuccess to understand yourself better. You will get to discover your superpower and blindspot, and learn how to find others who will complement to work together to achieve your dream – be it a startup or fulfilling your purpose.

We will be bringing in experienced entrepreneurs to share their experiences of turning their dreams into business. A joint Business Model Blueprint Bootcamp will be conducted with investible to help you learn a super canvas which combines the lean startup method and business model canvas for a holistic “secret tip” to help you create that pitch you need to sell your ideas.

On the last day, we will be inviting entrepreneurs and potential investors to listen to your pitch and give feedback to help you improve.

The bootcamp is co-faciliated by Investible.

Introduction to FingerprintForSuccess – a tool to help entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to be more away about themselves in their decision making process and work life.

The Business Model Blueprint has been developed by successful entrepreneur Creel Price who has designed curriculum for the Branson Centre for EntrepreneurshipInvestible and Club Kidpreneur.