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Ministry of Environment and Tourism

Republic of Namibia


I am honored to welcome you all to this joyful occasion. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the Namibia Business Hall of Fame for having invited me to speak at this auspicious event where we honour young and successful business people of our country who have excelled in improving their business operations while contributing to the socio-economic development of our country.


This year is the 15th year of celebrating outstanding entrepreneurs by inducting them to the Namibian Business Hall of Fame. As the Minister of Environment and Tourism, I congratulate all inducted here tonight, especially the emerging entrepreneurs with their eco-friendly businesses in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

It has now become customary to award outstanding young Namibian entrepreneurs who have, made great strides in growing their businesses while contributing extensively to the Namibian economy, displaying ingenuity to the broader public and create employment. Therefore, in our midst this evening, we have business leaders who deserved the honour as Laureates and Emerging Entrepreneurs.

We congratulate the newly inducted Emerging Entrepreneurs to the Namibian business Hall of Fame, namely Ms. Sandra Mwiihangele (Khomas), Mrs. Anittha Maria Gertze (//Karas), Mr. Pedro da Fonseca (Oshikoto), Mr. Kennedy Liswani (Oshana), Mr. Jonathan Kock (//Karas), Ms. Anna Mwafila (Zambezi), and Dianah Namases (Erongo).

We congratulate them for their achievements that greatly serve, as a motivation to Namibian entrepreneurs who will improve their business focus and productivity.

Following these congratulatory remarks, we wish to also congratulate the Emerging Entrepreneurs whom were honoured here tonight. It is remarkable how different their fields of operation are, since it was not possible in the past but today they can venture into any innovative field that makes them happy and create wealth for them. We congratulate. They were honoured here tonight because of their drive for excellence in what they do and commitment to improve the quality of life for them and their families.

Director of Ceremonies

I would like to single out the Laureates, inducted

Ms. Ujama Mushimba – single handedly with a team that she inspired with her educational knowledge and support from experts in the field which saved her late father’s farming venture through a terrible drought while managing all the business entities she started out after graduating from Harvard Business School. Well done! It shows that education and support from experts are needed in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Mrs. Ingrid Kloppers-Mettler. She grew the Lingua College from a tutoring business into an educational institution of excellence delivering quality higher education to thousands of young Namibians. Through her leadership, the Lingua College has diversified its academic programs, responding to the challenges of nation-building. It received its qualification from the Namibia Qualifications Authority.

Dr. Banda Shilimela – it is amazing how you have built your empire. It should serve as an inspiration to all Namibians. The B & E Security Group is making sure we are safe. Well done! And congratulations once more.

Mr. Adriaan Grobler – A man who crafted his profession in making sure that he also glorifies the Lord through his work. Well known for his diligence and selflessness. Spreading the foot print of his company throughout Africa.

Mr. Paulus Ndume – a soldier who did not allow a severe injury in a motor vehicle accident to hamper him from making his dreams come true. He now owns his own mall in Kuisebmond. Well done!

Mr. Amos Shiyuka – The national soccer star moving on to be an entrepreneur. Successful and mindful entrepreneur of what he does ensuring that there is support for the Rhino from extinction through the Rhino Trust.

Mr. Johannes Thorburn – an example of nothing can stop you if you want to succeed. His hard and smart work paid off through his tenacity and the Sendelingsdrift Mine setup, was a milestone in his achievements, showing that Namibians do have skills.

Mr. Toivo Katutu - there is no stopping this young man in construction, technology and supporting elevators supply and maintenance in Namibia.

Directors of all Companies,

It is a well-known fact that Namibians consume what they do not produce, while the greater percentage of our natural resources are exported in raw form without adding value to it.  Times are changing as you witnessed here tonight; skills are developed; people are developed; products are developed and Namibians can emulate these good examples.

Therefore, efforts must be made to encourage our entrepreneurs to embark upon industrialization and add value to our natural resources, including our agricultural product. In that manner, we will be able to produce finished product for local consumption and export them to other countries. While doing so it is essential to manage the environmental concerns


In conclusion

I would like to encourage Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Namibia through the Namibian Business Hall of Fame mentorship programme to encourage more young Namibians to seize business opportunities in the country.

Dear laureates, we trust that you maintain setting an example to emulate, inspiring young people as you continue to achieve business and personal success through diligence and perseverance.

Success in the global economy, of which Namibia is an integral part is based on knowledge as well as the capacity of a country’s business leaders to conceive and implement sustainable competitive strategies.

Therefore, we can only succeed when we enhance the boundless potential of young people and encourage them to embrace creativity and becoming entrepreneurs.

I am pleased by concerted efforts by GEN Namibia and the Business Hall of Fame for scouting talented hard working young Namibian men and women and providing them with basic business skills. Some young Namibians who underwent this mentorship have become successful SMEs who are contributing enormously to the growth of our national economy today.

Indeed over the years, our SMEs have contributed to more than 20 per cent of employment opportunities in the country. It is projected that given more opportunities and their capacities strengthened, our SMEs will complement our national efforts that are aimed at the acceleration of economic grow though value addition and beneficiation to our natural resources and thereby create job opportunities for thousands of unemployed Namibians.

I wish you success in future endeavours. Enjoy the evening.

I thank you

Honourable Minister Pohamba Shifeta, Minister of Environment and Tourism