Activity Description
About The Conference
Theme: Strategic Collaboration; The Way Out For SMEs.
Strategic Collaboration has been an ancient strategy for speedy business growth and advancement, although
highly neglected by SMEs; it still remains the most potent force in the present era that brings strong competitive
advantage for businesses.
In theory, a group of small companies (SMEs) working in unison by pooling their resources and collaborating
on projects of mutual benefit should be able to better compete with larger companies. In practice this rarely
happens. It takes time to nurture relationships with other organizations and to find like-minded partners that
can be trusted. Time is something that most SMEs are unwilling to commit to while applying new strategic
approaches unless the risk is low and the outcome will benefit the bottom line of the business.
This conference will be an eye-opener for SMEs to consider strategic collaboration as a realistic and achievable
strategic option to helping them compete favorably and have great market share. This is the thinking behind the
2018 Annual International Professional Management Conference.
Exploring the dynamism and secrets of strategic collaboration will definitely unlock the door of unlimited
possibilities for SMEs. Making sure that we collaborate and partner with the right organizations is one of the
most important, if not the most important decision, so that we do not expose our businesses to unnecessary
risks as well as wasting time and money.
In this conference, all participants will be exposed to practical sessions on;
  • Collaborative Relationships for Positive Business Impacts. 
  • Building A Strategic Collaboration Model. 
  • Effective Risk Control Measures 
  • Business Expansion Through Strategic Collaboration.
Conference Aims
The aims of this conference are to;
  • assist SMEs in analyzing their opportunities, capabilities and, most importantly, ‘attitude to working with others’ in order to use collaboration as an option for developing its business outside of its existing products or markets.  
  • enable SMEs to prioritize joint collaborative opportunities; to analyze their collective capabilities; to determine capability ‘gaps’ and to address these gaps.  
  • provide a full set of support tools and methods to assist individual companies and partnerships to develop and implement successful collaborative partnerships.   
  • foster Support Collaborative Networks (SCN) within SMEs.
Conference Workshops
  • Understanding The Dynamics of Strategic Collaboration  
  • Building A Strategic Collaboration Model  
  • Business Expansion Through Strategic Collaborations. 
  • Effective Risk Control Measures 
Conference Scope
This is a one-day conference  targeting 300+ SMEs and startup entrepreneurs across Nigeria for the purpose of
capacity building, networking, exhibition and branding. The conference will begin with plenary sessions to
professional lectures then to Special Interest Group (SIG) workshops. The conference would have breaks to
allow for refreshment and networking. Participants will have ample time to network so as to find the right
partners and customers to their businesses. SMEs and all corporate participants will equally use this platform
to create new markets and customers for their products and/or services. All participating SMEs and individuals
who wish to showcase their products and/or services, will be given the opportunity to exhibit their products
and/or services to the conference audience. Startup entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to pitch their
ideas to the audience.
In the course of this conference, induction will be conducted for new members and awards of different categories
will be given to deserving individuals, SMEs and corporate firms. After which, certifications will be given to all
Conference Audience
SMEs, Start-Up Entrepreneurs, Management Practitioners and Students.
Conference Expectations
  • Professional Lectures
  • Special Interest Group Workshops 
  • Networking  
  • Exhibitions and Pitch Fests  
  • Free Business Advisory  
  • Meals 
  • Conference Packs  
  • Induction, Awards and Certifications.
Award Categories
  • Awards will be given in the following categories;
  • Award of Excellence In Customer Service,  
  • Award of Innovation and Quality,  
  • Award of Excellence in Leadership,  
  • Award of Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, and
  • Most SME-Friendly Award.