Entrepreneurial Thinking: Take Your Idea to Action

Activity Description
The “Entrepreneurial Thinking” workshop is the start of your entrepreneurial journey. Through a series of adaptive exercises derived from design thinking and inspiring experiences, the “Entrepreneurial Thinking” workshop will provide you with problem-solving methods that will guide you to self-reflect and harness your personal strength towards a more creative and original project or business idea. This workshop is a precursor to CO.STARTERS, a 9-week course which takes you from A to Z of starting or growing a business.
Who is it for? Aspiring entrepreneurs with an idea looking to launch a new business or startup venture, this FREE workshop is the perfect way to get hands on and see how you can take it forward.
We will also announce more details about the CO.STARTERS nine-week business development program that covers everything you need to start without leaving your day job.
About the trainer: Joelle Atallah has a higher degree in Design Development from The Ohio State University, USA, with a specialization in design thinking processes, qualitative and quantitative research, user-centered design, and problem-solving methods.