Activity Description

The National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan (NABWT) with the support of public and private sectors, announces competition "Woman - Entrepreneur of the Year" Farah - 2016. The competition is open to all women - entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses, services, manufacturing, food, crafts, agricultural health and education services, healthy lifestyle, and women's projects / initiatives. The Competition is open to women - entrepreneurs, residing in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Key selection criteria:

  • Personal qualities
  • business reputation
  • Financial impact
  • Social Activity
  • Organizational skills and level of thinking
  • Ability to create / work in a team
  • The ability to generate new ideas
  • Adaptability (ability to meet modern trends and requirements)
  • Responsiveness to changing market conditions
  • The external image, visual appeal

The competition is held in the following nominations

The competition is open to the participation of women - entrepreneurs, appropriate selection criteria. The competition is held in the following main categories:

  • services, manufacturing and catering
  • workmanship
  • Agriculture
  • promotion of women's business, passed trainings on program start up
  • sphere of hairdressing and beauty, fashion and design
  • business in the field of health care, healthy lifestyle, and educational services (private schools, kindergartens, training centers)
  • and provided a special prize for the best female project / initiative

The experts will determine the semi-finalists from among the selected after the individual interviews. The group of experts will select the winners in each category. Of the five winners of the business - the categories at the final event one female will be chosen as the "Women - the entrepreneur of the year" Farah - 2012 and of 3-ex projects /. one organization will be selected initiatives. Of the total number of applications will be selected three contestants. 
Winners will be awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.

The list of documents required for participation in the Contest:

- To participate in the tender committee, the following documents:

  • application form for participation in competition in the prescribed form
  • for the category "Craft" it is imperative to provide color photographs measuring 10 × 15 cm with a description of the product application (product), arts and crafts and other products craftswomen.
  • Copy of the passport