Garner Holt Student Fast Pitch Competition

Activity Description

The Garner Holt Student Fast Pitch Competition is an innovative program offered by Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE) that gives California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) students an opportunity to jump-start their entrepreneurial dreams by presenting their business venture to a panel of investors and entrepreneurs. The annual competition consists of up to 15 student entrepreneurs giving 90-second fast pitches to a panel of investors and other members of Southern California's entrepreneurial community. Each fast pitch is judged for the quality of the presentation and its investment potential. 

The event has two phases - semifinal presentations on November 8 at Garner Holt Productions and the final presentations, done at the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards to an audience of 900 business professionals and community leaders.  Students compete for $7,500 in cash prizes and entry into CSUSB's Catalyst Business Accelerator. 

Garner Holt is the founder of Garner Holt Productions, the world’s leading producer of animatronic figures and theme show attractions with its creations featured in Disneyland parks, Universal Studios, and many more high-profile businesses. He continues to show his dedication to the spirit of entrepreneurship and the community every year by sponsoring the Garner Holt Student Fast Pitch Competition.