Winter Handicraft Fair

Activity Description

Dear friends, New Year is approaching and it is time to think about Christmas gifts. Gifts are not simple, and made his hands, heart and soul. 
You will have a great chance to visit the Craftsmen Winter Fair, which will be held at the Ismaili Center in Dushanbe 3-4 December 2016 from 9:00 to 17:00. 
The abundance of products is guaranteed! Artisans from around the country will present you a handmade specially prepared for the New Year.

Dear Partners, artisans and visitors to the Winter Fair. Union of Craftsmen of Tajikistan sincerely thank each of you for your support and contribution to the development of handicrafts. 
We express our deep gratitude to our partners: the National Association of Small and Medium Business of Tajikistan in the face Matluba Uljabaeva and Nasibahon Aminova for their continued support; Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Tajikistan; Hukumat Dushanbe; Ismaili Centre to create the conditions for the craft CENI and guests; RT Center of tourism development in the face of Bahriddin Isamutdinov (Bakhriddin Isamutdinov); Rukh Company; GS "PESHRAFT"; our new partners Ski Resort SAFED- Darren Brand FASHION JIVJ represented by Nafisa Imranova, members of the CPT in the face BUTA.TJ Nigora Nasimova, ARMUGON and Tourism Development Association Zarafshan represented by Jamshed Yusupov and Munir Nasib, Karimova Takhmina for conducting Mini Training. FENIX Company - thanks to them our fair guests can see videos of the process of manufacturing handicraft products. Constant information our partners is TRK wool, which is always ready to support artisans. Thank you Vera Kulakova-Brannerud, and and Channel Bakhoriston. 
All of our local and foreign guests would also like to express my gratitude for visiting and purchased products made from whole-heartedly, and year after year to visit them increases. 
And artisans thank for the fact that they believe in us and in our future development. 
Special thanks fragile girl Manizha Rustamzod, which became a part of the Union of craftsmen and no matter that is always with us and support us at any moment.


During COMMITTEE Fair molozhezhi Affairs, Sport and Tourism in cooperation with the CPT made a member of the jury and selected 10 possible souvenirs at the "Best of the Year 2016 souvenirs for tourists." Of the 10 products proyduk only 4 in the first to the jury included the occasional foreign visitors who helped select products. Soon the ad of the contest.

For the first time during the fair with the support of members of the CPT and professionals Mini Trainings were conducted. We are grateful to our partners, a member of the CPT Munir Akilova for training materials. The training was conducted by the Executive Director Nigina Ikromov CPT and CPT member Takhmina Karimova.

For the first time at the annual fair in the development of handicrafts, mini sessions on various topics will be held as. "Participation in exhibitions as a business development tool," "The color combination and trends 2017", "Pricing Handicraft Products" and "Marketing and sales promotion" The purpose of the mini sessions - to enable artisans from all regions of the country to develop its activity. Session hold local experts as well as members of the CPT who have extensive experience. Later publish more information on the sessions.




Уважаемые Партнеры, ремесленники и посетители Зимней Ярмарки. Союз Ремесленников Таджикистана искренне благодарит каждого из Вас за поддержку и вклад в развитие ремесленничество.
Выражаем свою глубокую благодарность нашим партнерам: Национальной Ассоциации Малого и Среднего бизнеса Таджикистана в лице Matluba Uljabaeva и Насибахон Аминова за постоянную поддержку; Торгово-промышленной Палате РТ; Хукумату города Душанбе; Исмаилитскому Центру за создание условий для ремесленников и гостей; Центру развития туризма РТ в лице Бахриддин Исамутдинов (Bakhriddin Isamutdinov); Компании РУХОМ; ОО "ПЕШРАФТ"; нашим новым партнерам Лыжний Курорт САФЕД- ДАРРА, Бренд FASHION JIVJ в лице Nafisa Imranova, членам СРТ BUTA.TJ в лице Nigora Nasimova, АРМУГОН и Ассоциации развития туризма Зеравшана в лице Джамшеда Юсупова и Munir Nasib, Karimova Takhmina за проведение Мини Тренинга. Компании FENIX - благодаря им гости нашей ярмарки могли увидеть ролики о процессе изготовления ремесленных продукций. Постоянные наши информационный партнёры это ТРК ВАТАН, которая всегда готовы поддержать ремесленников. Спасибо большое Vera Kulakova-Brannerud, а также и Телеканал Бахористон.
Всем нашим местным и иностранным гостям хотим также выразить свою благодарность за то что посетили и приобрели продукции приготовленные от всей души и год за годом их посещение увеличивается.
А ремесленникам благодарим за то что они верят в НАС и в НАШЕ БУДУЩЕЕ развитие.
Особенную благодарность хрупкой девушке Manizha Rustamzod, которая стала частичкой Союза ремесленников и не смотря ни на что всегда рядом с нами и поддерживает НАС в любую минуту.