Young CEOs Breakfast

Activity Description

Hosted by Inversk, The Young CEOs Breakfast 2018 is specifically tailored to young and enterprising executives who are keen on building their businesses in bounds in this year and beyond.

You do not have to be a Young CEO to attend this event. You can be working for a big company and or looking forward into building your own business.

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W’ve picked the most audacious and enterprising entrepreneurs to come and share actionable leadership hacks that are working for them in their businesses. 

Darshan Chandaria, Vishal Agarwal and Mary Njoki are top on my list.

The speakers’ shall cover the most important facets in sustaining a competitive business: The People, The Process and The Product.
#People – Building and maintaining a flexible team that meets the needs of each project stage, with representation in all key business areas.
#Process – Creating the best systems and methods that your team will use to create, deliver and sell your product.
#Product – Building an excellent and relevant product that people need to buy.
The event is both presentation and panel based to ensure you get the most from it. We’ll cover transformative leadership at scale.

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