Activity Description

13th November 2018

Theme: Launching Mobile based technology to serve as a market information system for the local farmers in Somaliland

Location: Hargeisa, HarHub

Organizer: Shaqodoon and SAMS

Each year our farmers produce many crops but find difficulties in finding their way to market. Since there was no centralized system that facilitates farmers to easily find market and buyers for their products, many times the crops get rot at the farms. It is also observed that there are hundreds of middlemen who exploit between farmers and buyers making the process complicated and as a result farmers are discouraged to produce for large scale. Shaqodoon developed a mobile-based market information system with the support of SPARK to find a solution for farmer’s market engagement challenges.

Main Activity: Exhibition of the mobile based platform to the target stakeholders

During the day, the event will highlight the importance of the technology-based MIS services and will be launched for the relevant stakeholders to the platform and how it functions.

The technology which is a mobile-based and web-enabled market information system will provide key produces of agricultural commodities and sellers to find relevant market information that will address the following issues; 1) Lack of market information by Somali farmers to get fair price for their produce 2) Diversification of farm produce to reduce exaggeration of market, 3) Exploitation of middlemen/women resulting in farmer losing out and becoming discouraged from farming 4) Linking sellers and farmers through innovative way.

Participating stakeholder

The event will be participated by the following stakeholders:

  • Ministry of agriculture and chamber of commerce
  • Farmers and cooperatives
  • Agricultural product companies
  • Agricultural experts
  • Agri-business