Activity Description

Namibian Business Hall of Fame (NBHF) is an annual event aimed at celebrating entrepreneurial excellence. The NBHF aims to promote entrepreneurship through a network of individuals and organizations with the goal to inspire, connect and support entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to scale enterprises and drive economic growth. 

Namibian entrepreneurs, both young and old that have made great strides in growing and improving their business, are acknowledged and honoured for the contribution to the socio-economic development of the country. The selection criteria is focused on thorough evaluation of the business leader's career and achievement record which typically involves primary and secondary research looking at corporate performance, interviews with colleagues and reviews of relevant business press literature. All the nominees are scrutinised based on their business ethics, corporate performance, inspirational leadership, management and vision.


The Criteria of induction to the Namibian Business Hall of Fame are
  • Displayed ingenuity to the broader public
  • Contributed extensively to the Namibian economy by creating employment, improve the quality of life for the Namibian citizen
  • Achieved business excellence that could be emulated by nascent entrepreneurs
  • Continue to display the intrinsic values of entrepreneurship and business excellence

The theme for this year is: Entrepreneurship supporting Socio-economic Transformation