New Models for Business Innovation

Activity Description


Success hinges on more than just your product or service. In fact, although innovation efforts traditionally focus on the offering, other areas of your business – such as your revenue model, target market, supply chain, brand, and pathway to market, have a significantly greater potential to create value. 

Business model innovation is all about broadening the scope of innovation to include these areas, and this talk will cover some practical tips and tricks for doing this with your business.  

Hear success stories, learn about different tools to create new business models, and participate in a brief exercise to try these tools for yourself.


This seminar is presented by Dr. Luke Krieg 

Luke is an escaped physicist with 18 years of experience in innovation management and research commercialisation.

He uses design-based tools to develop better business models, including work in Europe for Philips Lighting, Alcatel Lucent and the Swiss Federal Agency for Development, as well as work in New Zealand for organisations such as Landcare Research, AUT, Phitek, and several early stage businesses.

Luke was senior consultant at the Swiss Management Advisory firm BGW AG, spun out of the St. Gallen school of business, and currently works at Callaghan Innovation, advising on sector strategies.