Penn State University Park - Creativity Class: Explore Your Entrepreneurial Creativity with Peers

Activity Description

Explore your entrepreneurial creativity with other students. Students will be given unique challenges to help you bolster your creative thinking skills. Bricolage will be practiced as you will be required to make it happen with limited resources and time. You will be put to the test and perhaps-have some fun. 

Brad Leve

Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship (FCFE)

Associate Director
Specializing in guerrilla entrepreneurship, Mr. Leve has worked on Wall Street as a municipal and corporate bond analyst, and directed the operations of a start-up, multi-million dollar a year contract manufacturer, start-up incubator, and flight school. He has experience in Darwinian, Communitarian, and Missionary styles of entrepreneurship.  He has worked with companies with more traditional for profit business plans, as well ones focusing on more novel products and companies focused on implementing positive social or environmental change.

Mark Gagnon

Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

Harbaugh Entrepreneur and Innovation Faculty Scholar
Mark Gagnon is the Harbaugh Entrepreneur and Innovation Faculty Scholar in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State. Mark is a former entrepreneur and business development executive in forest products and building materials. He has been involved in two green building products start-ups and has managed product portfolios over $300M. In addition, Mark has extensive experience in new product development and has been part of successful product launches for leading brands. Mark also consults with leading firms and emerging start-ups in AgTech (food, agriculture and bio-renewables). 


Bob Beaury

SEDTAP Entrepreneurship

Bob has been directly involved in the development of more than 100 new products and the creation of their market introduction programs. His expertise includes building start-up companies and the practical implementation of innovation, product development and sales and marketing programs for cost-conscious, results-oriented organizations.

Bob served as the CEO of Broadband Networks, Inc. (BNI) for ten years, and has more than 25 years of experience working for market share leading companies in the electronics, semi-conductor and networking industries.

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