Activity Description


Shaqodoon promotes employment, entrepreneurship and train youth that can plug the needed occupational skills of the businesses community. Shaqodoon organization believes that Small and Medium Enterprises are enormously important, serving as engines of economic growth and sustainable development in all communities across Somaliland. Developing private sector in particular, startups – when successful – can play a positive role in the day-to- day survival of those living at the bottom of the economic pyramid. And when small businesses are able to grow, they can create much needed jobs in the community. Further, Shaqodoon recognizes that many young people seek to support themselves and their families by starting their own business but often don’t have the skills, confidence, or knowledge to be successful. Thus On November 2017, Shaqodoon Organization will host the global international week festival on entrepreneurship.


GEW will host activities in Somalia that will explore new approaches from around the

big cities in Somalia that are inspiring and empowering more citizens to start thinking

like entrepreneurs and sharpening the underlying skills that enable them to succeed.

Over the past years, the Global Entrepreneurial Week (GEW) has evolved into a premier

annual gathering of startup champions from 170 national host organizations dedicated

to building and strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems that fuel advances in

innovation and economic growth. Entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, thought

leaders and policymakers work together to help new firms start and scale.


  1. Promoting Youth Employment Through Entrepreneurship: Promoting the integration of entrepreneurship education in higher and vocational education institutions in Somalia to help young people learn the entrepreneurial mindset as alternative solution for unemployment.


  • Introduce the notion of entrepreneurial behavior to as many people who otherwise might not have considered it as a path in their life.
  • Network people national wide to find new ideas at the intersection of cultures entrepreneurship & creativity.
  • Enlist active and inspirational innovators Kismanyo to coach and mentor the next generation as they pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.
  • Demonstrate to opinion leaders and policymakers that entrepreneurship is central to a nation's economic health and culture and to provide opportunity to learn from each other on entrepreneurial policy and practice.


We expecting GEW week to bring innovative solutions for youth unemployment that the Somalia youth are suffering, awareness raising on creation of enabling environment for youth and facilitating investment opportunities for youth. GEW week will offers precisely the innovative types of solutions needed to demonstrate that youth can be effectively empowered to become productive members of society and preparing youth to enter Somalia’s thriving business community.


Total participants of this event 500 participants (40% female)

  • Youth (university students/TVET) constitutes 90% of the total participants
  • Successful entrepreneurs
  • Business people leading by chamber of commerce
  • Government agencies/Policymakers (ministries of education, youth, investment, and labor)
  • Investors (Banks and Financial Institutions)
  • Universities and Higher education institutions
  • International and local organizations 
  • Development practitioners