RAW. Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Networking

Activity Description

About RAW.

At RAW. we are building a community of entrepreneurs and do-ers. A safe space where we find inspiration, support and feedback to grow our dreams and visions into realities and credible businesses.


A large part of the entrepreneurship support in Namibia is being provided by institutions and follows a top-down approach. The reality is that entrepreneurship is personal. It happens on an individual level and is governed by passion, vision, taking risks, courage, security, fear, uncertainty, safety and trust.While institutions and organisations are able to provide valuable information, expertise and support, they are not able to connect with entrepreneurs on a personal level. The results are low turnouts at events and a low ROI for spending on entrepreneurship support.



RAW. offers entrepreneurs a peer-learning platform. A safe and trusted space to connect with peers. There are no experts here - we are all RAW. and we all stand to learn from one another and together. RAW. connects personally and virtually. We host events every two weeks and each event takes place at a different location in WIndhoek. In addition we provide an online platform and communication channel.


The first RAW. session was held on 17th May 2018. To date we have hosted over 200 entrepreneurs and have over 70 members on our online platform.

About Global Entrepreneurship Week

A key component to succeeding in business is through networking – discovering new partnerships and possibilities.

On 14 November 2018, the RAW. community will be having a networking event which is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week at the Franco Namibian Cultral Centre (FNCC). Join us in connecting young talent, organisations and industry, making meaningful connections – fast!