Activity Description

This is a simulated entreprenurship class that allows participants to experience being a part of Strathmore's ISBI Advanced Entrepreneurship Program.

Participants will have an opportunity to learn and network with other like minded entrepreneurs and know more about the Advanced Entrpreneurship Program.

The workshop is suitable for entrepreneurs with ANY THREE of the below characteristics:

  • Formally registered business

  • Minimum of 5 employees

  • Annual turnover of KES 10M or more

  • Debt capacity of KES 5M or more

  • Undergraduate degree or diploma


Institute for Small Business Initiatives (ISBI) is founded by Strathmore Educational Trust (SET) and an Austrian NGO, ICEP with the goal to promote business and financial literacy among Small Enterprises.

We facilitate graduation of small businesses to higher levels of scale enterprises through teaching, training, individual mentoring and personalized consulting or coaching. We offer comprehensive and innovative programmes for entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business.