Disruptive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Masterclass

Activity Description

Disruptive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Masterclass


“Smart companies fail because they do everything right. They cater to high-profit-margin customers and ignore the low end of the market, where disruptive innovations emerge from.“

-- Clayton M. Christensen

Boot Camp Course Information

Entrepreneurs today have a problem. They know their businesses must be competitive and innovative in order to grow. But innovation is hard making growth a distant dream especially given today's economic environment where investment capital is difficult to come by and banks and investors are reluctant to take risks.

Entrepreneurs know innovation is the ticket to successful growth. But they just can't seem to get innovation right.

How do you create a business that is innovative that instead of competing for existing markets and customer base, you create a new market that has been ignored or underserved by existing businesses?

How do you unleash innovation that will grow your business exponentially? Disruptive innovation strategies enable entrepreneurs to make innovation a reality.

The idea of this masterclass is to help entrepreneurs desperate for real, long-term growth see actual, sustainable progress where they’ve failed before

This masterclass is a call to action for anyone who wants a fresh take for growing their businesses and more prosperous digital SME.

The majority of the principles in this course are based on Clay Christensen, EfosaOjomo and Karen Dillon’s new book, The Prosperity Paradox [2019].



What entrepreneurs and innovators will learn:

  1. What is Disruptive Innovation and how to use it to create prosperity
  2. Types of Innovations
  3. How to create new markets
  4. Assess new opportunities and potential threats
  5. Barriers to creating new markets
  6. Pull vs. Push Innovation Strategies
  7. Consumption vs. Non-Consumption Economies
  8. Where does growth come from?
  9. Discover Jobs to be done and develop frameworks to better understand customer needs
  10. The key principles of market-creating innovations
  11. How innovation created prosperity for many
  12. Overcoming Innovation Barriers
  13.  If you build it, they may not come
  14.  Innovation precedes development
  15.  Reframing problems
  16. Organise for innovation and maintain a disruptive scope

Case Studies

  • Mo Ibrahim’s Celtel
  • Nigeria’s Nollywood
  • Henry Ford’s Model T
  • SA 2010 FIFA World Cup
  • Richard Leftley’sMicroEnsure
  • Tolaram/Indomie Noodles
  • Capitec Bank
  • Isaac Merritt Singer [Singer Sewing Machine]
  • George Eastman Kodak
  • Bank of Italy/Bank of America
  • Sony
  • Toyota
  • Samsung
  • Javier Lozano Clinicas Del Azucar
  • Grupo Bimbo

Who will benefit

Entrepreneurs and innovators

  • Discover what causes customers to buy your products and why, and predict when disruption will happen.
  • Learn how to be disruptive in your industry
  • Learn how to create new markets for your business
  • How to develop an MVP and Pitch Deck


Disruptive Innovation  & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp consists of 20 to 48 hours of material delivered over a 2 days period. Two group exercises and an individual final pitch deck are required for course completion as part of the bootcamp .


Length: 1 day (24 hours)

Class Dates:  7 October 2019

Cost: Free for 50 participants

Time:  6 hours

Venue: Francistown College of Technical Vocational and Education (FCTVE)

To apply: ngwanaenterprises@gmail.com