Validate your Start Up Idea with Free Access to the online platform - SimVenture Validate

Activity Description

Introducing SimVenture Validate, a new online resource for testing and validating a startup idea.

Please ignore the GeoLocation. This is an online event with free access.

As a cloud-based resource, SimVenture Validate is a global product and assessable 24/7 anywhere there is an internet connection. SimVenture Validate is available free for Global Entrepreneurship Week - Click here to SignUp and get validating straight away. 

SimVenture Validate is a simple to use and intuitive approach to validating a startup idea. Inspired by the Business Model Canvas, users build a portfolio of information that identifies gaps and assumptions that have to be filled and proven. Whilst Validate is easy to start, the questions become increasingly challenging and importantly, users quickly discover what they don’t know. By being asked the right questions, completing market research, seeking expert advice and even getting out of the building, users are able to properly validate their own business idea. SimVenture Validate has been designed for both commercial and social entrepreneurship.

This is an excellent opportunity to validate a startup you have already been working on or an entrepreneurial idea you have and would like to put some structure to it. Validate comes complete with case studies to show you how and easy to follow jargon-free guidance. 

By completing the blocks the software will create a high impact pitch deck/presentation that you will be able to keep and share and use as part of a business plan. Please check out the portfolio demo example here.

SimVenture Validate helps you capture everything in one digital space. Start with the #Idea then #generate #assumptions complete #marketresearch to #test and #validate 

SimVenture Validate also generates a pitchdeck  and a 12-month rolling cashflow

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SimVenture Validate is available free for Global Entrepreneurship Week - Click here to SignUp