Manager@Breakfast: A Social Innovation Story by Joke Quintens @University College PXL Hasselt

A Social Innovation Story by Joke Quintens
Activity Description

What if a project for homeless people becomes a tourist attraction? What if star chefs get support from cooking talents of women from deprived neighborhoods? What if a bank starts looking for new bankers in the local sports clubs of disadvantaged areas? What if a company makes its land available to activists to turn it into an open metropolitan park? What if an entrepreneur convinced dozens of colleagues to give vulnerable young people their quality internship? What if an insurance company recruits senior citizens for the jobs of the future? What if start-ups choose sustainability as a new business?

Joke Quintens tries to build “Wetopia” in different cities, like in Cape Town and in Marseille. “Making cities together” means that everyone is involved: policy makers, civil servants, activists, citizens, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs. The last group can be real change makers. In this talk Joke shares some great and inspiring examples with us. Examples in which entrepreneurs and city makers join forces and both benefit from it. Be inspired by the motto “See it big, start small, go fast” and how we all can make cities together.

Register before Wednesday 20 November 2019.

Event takes place at PXL-Congress - part of University College PXL Hasselt.

Fee: €25 (includes breakfast buffet)