5x Business Growth: Strategies to Scale Easily with Silas Ozoya

5x Business Growth: Strategies to Scale Easily with Silas Ozoya
Activity Description

Silas OZOYA is a Premium Business Executive, Business Coach, Angel Investor and Teacher.

He has a special interest in Income and Business Growth Strategies [aka 5x Income Strategy] , Media and Entertainment.

He started his first business in 2010 from a small salary of N20,000 as a school teacher which he has successfully grown into a chain of businesses and has developed several successful business models for individual entrepreneurs and businesses in the creative, product and service-based industries.

He currently serves as the President/CEO, StartUp Business Africa- a finance cooperative society and business social enterprise that helps individuals and businesses raise and grow capital income with ease.

He does this primarily through his community - StartUp Business Africa Community, his books, courses, LIVE Masterclasses, training, podcasting, vlogging, blogging, coaching and consulting.

He is the author of 4 amazing books;
Idea2Cash: 5 Ways to Generate Sellable Business Ideas.

AudienceXL: 3 Secrets to getting paying Audience.

Seed Funding Secrets: 5 Secrets to Raising Business Capital

4 Ms of Money: 4 Tips on How to Spend Less and Earn More.

Silas OZOYA is a graduate of Human Kinetics (Education) - Unversity of Benin, NIM Certified Business Management Expert, U.S Trained Life & Business Coach, U.K Trained & Certified Educator, NLP Educated Salesman, AGDC Certified Employability & Enterprise practitioner. He was awarded YALI Network (Nigeria) Entrepreneur of the Year (2015) and PALEC Entrepreneur of the Year (2018). He's married to his university sweetheart - Joy OZOYA.