Women Entrepreneurship Day Celebration

Activity Description

Image removed.Today was GEW Women Entrepreneurs Day Worldwide. Global Entrepreneurship Week in Namibia dedicates this post to all women entrepreneurs in the world but especially in Namibia, Angola and Zambia.

We believe that as women entrepreneurs who share, inspire and connect, we are stronger 💪🏼 together, that’s the ethos of our community 😇

But I am also a firm believer 😍 that we are stronger 💪🏼🇳🇦together if we work with like-minded visionaries, companies and organizations who understand what we are trying to build and achieve, and who want to be part of our journey. We need to constantly 🤓 connect 🤝 and work with our global 💚impact partners to fund the development of our products and programmes, and to scale their distribution and impact across the continent. 💚

We collaborate with influential Impact Partners who share our commitment and vision for advancing Africa’s women 💥entrepreneurs, and we see our Impact Partners as change-makers. 🔥 They put their money where their mouths are and become our genuine partners, sharing our mission to build meaningful impact for the most underserved women entrepreneurs on the planet. Working with our Impact Partners, we can practically support the development of a new generation of women entrepreneurs who can become the change agents Africa so badly needs. So thank you 🙏🏼 for your support that helps us to make the difference.