Startup Huddle in the Namib Desert

Startup Huddle in the Desert
Activity Description

A super ardent supporter of GEN Namibia and GEN Global, Thekla Mutero, who lives and operates in the Namib Desert decided to take the bull by the horns and invited entrepreneurs for a Startup Huddle session from the harbour, Walvis Bay, to share their entrepreneurial and leadership experience with her small community in the desert. The event venue is the To Naar Community Hall along the Kuiseb River, which delta ends at Walvis Bay.

She invited the chairperson of the tribal authority, Councilor Ambrosius Swartbooi to officiate the event and a well-known entrepreneur who will bring some entrepreneurs from the harbour town to join the group of potential entrepreneurs in the desert for the Startup Huddle.

The themes of GEW 2020 includes inclusive entrepreneurship, and this is the exact event theme to include the people who are remotely situated.