Panel discussion: opportunities and challenges in the technology sector for entrepreneurs

Activity Description

Ali Alharbi

    • A Game Studio Founder and CEO with 180 000 daily players.
    • Recently he has expanded his studio and hired more people.
    • He started with drifting game on mobile in 2014.

Muath Almodifer 

    • a YU Student and in the family business.
    • He is leading the first software development project in his family business.
      • The development is over and now they are working on the software deployment.

Abdulaziz Albassam

    • a YU Student and a web development freelancer,
    • Is every experienced in web development and development in general. 
    • He develops web applications in his free time as a business.

Abdulaziz Alkhareef

    • a YU Student, with double major and is running his father's car showroom.

Is very family with government regulation regarding selling and buying cars.